Cold Weather Hair Tips


Winter is rapidly approaching, ladies! Which is great if you’re into the whole Christmas, skiing and hot chocolate thing. But I’m going to be real with you, winter can be a real downer when it comes to your hair’s health! The reason being that the winter air is extremely low in humidity— winter air, despite all the ice, snow and moisture, is Sahara Desert dry. Ever wonder why you can see your breath in the frigid air? Or do you ever wonder why your nose and lips get dry and chapped in the colder months? Or what about winter colds and respiratory problems? Low moisture, is your answer. And the lack of moisture will mess with your hair in a BIG way if you’re not careful. 

Have you ever spent a day in the snow, or maybe just a morning spent shoveling ice off your driveway (because that’s a reality where I live), wearing a coat, scarf AND a hat? You come home from your icy day, take off your winter gear and look at yourself in the mirror, only to see a frizzy, dreadlocked girl standing in front of you. Frizzy, yes, I said frizzy— because the dry, cold air, combined with the constant friction of your warm layers causes MAJOR frizz. It also causes your hair to twist, break and split. So the goal then is to add moisture and maintain moisture levels— while controlling frizz.

If you’ve read anything I’ve ever written, I’ve probably recommended a weekly deep conditioning treatment. And I’m going to recommend it once more. Because this is something I swear by, for maintaining a healthy head of hair— and this is a total essential for dry, scraggly, over-heated, winter hair. Girls, get on a weekly deep conditioning routine— I beg of you! My favorite method is to apply a thick hair mask from mid-shaft to the ends, massage through, cover it with a shower cap, then wait 10-30 minutes. Let that deep conditioner work its healing magic! For day to day moisture maintenance, I always apply a quality hair oil before styling, after styling and then throughout the day if my ends are feeling toasty. A hair oil will combat the dry air by feeding moisture to your locks and counteracting the winter brittle-effect— which means, less frizz for you.

But let’s keep talking about frizz. Because static and frizz are things that are very real and present in the cold winter months. And because we live in the 21st Century, hair science has advanced so that we have actual products specifically designed to cut the static from your hair. Products that can tame flyaways, and combat frizz. These products are superheroes for cold weather hair! Use them. Take advantage of the hair technology we have today.

Because the winter months are icy cold, we have the tendency to turn up the heat to extreme levels— we turn up the temperature of our showers, our houses, our cars. And as cozy as that is, it is simultaneously drying out your hair and damaging it even more. Lay off the heat! Don’t scorch your already dry locks. Instead of dry artificial heat, and instead of boiling hot showers, opt for getting warm the old fashioned way— by wearing warmer clothes, socks, blankets, and doubling up on layers. Laying off the heat will be SO much better for your scalp, hair (and your skin as well).

As you’re laying off the heat, you can probably imagine I’d tell you to also lay off heat tools, like your curling wands and flat iron, and you’re totally right! I’m telling you to use these hot tools less in the winter months— and if you do use them, lower the temperature you use with them! But also, use your hair dryer less. Opt for air drying. But here is word of warning, NEVER go out into the winter air with wet hair. If you’re a fan of the morning wash-and-go, give yourself more time in the morning for hair drying indoors. Wet hair is the most vulnerable kind of hair. Since your hair holds moisture, especially after a shower, the winter air will draw the moisture out of your hair while quite literally freezing it— and freezing it to the point of breaking. No wet hair outside, ok?

Because of the dryness we’re dealing with, one of my biggest tips for winter beauty, is to use an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier while you sleep each night. Humidifiers will work wonders for your skin, respiratory systems AND for your hair. Sometimes our houses, and the dry heat they put off, can be one of the biggest sources of dehydration in the winter. A humidifier will add moisture back into the air and counteract the damage, frizz and dehydration the hot hair causes. Try out a cool air humidifier and just see how much better you breathe in the morning, how much softer your skin and hair feel— this beauty tip is a game changer!

The last thing I want to say about winter hair care, is that we all need to take extra good care of our scalps during these months. Your hair quality is directly correlated to the health and wellness of your scalp. Dry air causes dry scalps, which also causes dead skin and product to buildup. Scalp care is the least sexy part of hair care, but one of the most important parts. So what I do to maintain its health, is to use an exfoliating scalp scrub every 10-15 days. Doing so will remove any buildup, while also stimulating your scalp— which will yield better hair growth and hair health. Between scalp scrubbing sessions, give yourself nightly head massages. The more you gently stimulate your scalp, the healthier it will be.

Ok kids, stay warm out there! And keep those locks safe and hydrated as we battle the winter months together!

Check out more info on my recommended products below. Do you have any cold weather hair tips? We’d love to hear them! Comment below with any tips or questions you have.


Amy Hutchens

1. The winter frizzy flyaways can be tamed with this Frizz + Static Control Spray. It’s rich in Vitamin E, Argan Oil and Thermal Polymer— which is all just to say, this little baby knows how to strengthen, nourish and shield hair from the elements.

2. This scalp scrub uses sugar (not salt) to gently buff off buildup from your scalp. Apple cider vinegar balances your skin’s PH, while walnut oil hydrates and nourishes. This Cleansing Walnut Scalp Scrub is a total winner!

3.This best-selling cool air humidifier is my secret weapon in fighting the winter hair and skin blues. Adds clean hydration to your hair and combats dryness, frizz and static all while you sleep. If there ever was a game changer, this is it.

4. Think dryers sheets, but WAY more glamorous— and for your hair! If your hair is feeling extra staticky, these Kerastase anti-frizz smoothing sheets will do the trick. I like to take a few of these with me in my purse, and rub them from mid-shaft to ends if my hair is needing some static smoothing.

5. This mask works to restore vibrancy and hydration to overworked hair in as little as 5 minutes (but TBH I leave it on for 10-30 minutes, because I’m all about that extra dose of love). This intense deep conditioner is a best-seller and a real superstar! Use it weekly in a deep conditioning routine and notice your hair come back to life before your eyes.

6. I believe in quality hair oils like I believe in the power of chicken noodle soup when I’m sick— they are both HEALERS. A hair oil keeps brittle hair soft and pliable. This oil is of the highest quality and is infused with honey and natural antioxidants. Hair oils are the medicine that can repair damaged locks. This oil has become a favorite in restoring my hair’s vibrancy and health. **Make sure you get a high quality oil, because they are NOT all created equally.


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