DIY Longer, Stronger, Softer Hair Mask


This Year of Healthy Hair is off to a great start! Have you read posts 1 & 2 yet?  

This week we want to help your hair with clarification (deep cleansing), while also giving it a deep condition AND giving it a growth boost. That’s right, cleaner, softer, longer hair— we got your back, girl. But I forgot to mention, this will all be accomplished with ingredients that you (mostly) have in your home already. This DIY hair mask will having you questioning all those bottles of deep conditioner and masks you’ve got stored in your haircare arsenal… Noooo, who are we kidding? We’ll ALWAYS be product junkies. But there is something to be said for simple, clean, no nonsense ingredients that can be whipped up in the comfort of your own kitchen.  

One of the things I love most about DIY hair masks is that they work! They really, truly work. One of the things I dislike about DIY hair masks is that they usually contain some type of raw oil, which can leave hair feeling moisturized, yes, but can also a little greasy. Even after three washes! You don’t want a mask that leaves your hair with that oily film on it. 

So this is a two part mask. Yep, two parts. Meaning you use one mask on your scalp and a different mask on your ends. Because the hair near your scalp and the hair near the ends are different and need different things. So we’re going to give them what they want! It’s less complicated than it sounds, I swear.

Let’s get into the ingredients:

Scalp Mask

1. Apple Cider Vinegar : Not only is it good in salad dressings, apple cider vinegar is seemingly the miracle drug of the 21st century. No really, Google it. You have an ailment and ACV will probably help with it. It terms of hair care, the vinegar is high in acetic acid and helps to regulate your scalp’s PH. It also helps with product buildup. Because as much as we love serums and texture sprays and finishing creams, they can produce buildup on our scalp and hair. ACV will breakup the residue from the product buildup and will deeply cleanse it away. Another added bonus is that the vinegar stimulates better blood flow to the hair follicles— this is MAJOR for stimulating hair growth. 

2. Peppermint Oil : This essential oil is also great for stimulating blood flow within the scalp. Remember how I said that is good for hair growth? Bingo. In order for roots to grow, they need oxygen, which happens when the blood is flowing and circulating. This oil will give your scalp the tingly, icy feeling we all love (or at least I do)! *This oil is strong so always dilute it and use only 3-5 drops.

Hair Mask 

1. Castor Oil : This oil is extremely rich in fatty acids which will coat the hair shaft and essentially fill in the gaps of keratin in damaged ends. Caster oil moisturizes while giving your hair a little plump— each strand will feel and look thicker! 

2. Honey : Not only is it one of our favorite sticky sweeteners, honey is also an emollient which means its going to act as a type of glue, sealing the moisture in. This will reduce breakage and keep your locks conditioned.

3. Pumpkin Seed Oil : This oil has long been said to stop hair loss, or at least slow it down! It’s rich in vitamins and nutrient-dense. It also acts as an emollient and smooths the cuticle— which we know means smoother, shinier, healthier hair. 

 Start with the scalp mask and mix 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar and 3 drops of peppermint oil in a small bowl. The peppermint oil can be strong, so don’t go overboard. Stick to just a few drops, friends! If the ACV mixture is too strong, dilute it with water OR even a teaspoon of pumpkin oil (which you will use later). Using a color brush, paint up from your roots an inch or so. This vinegar solution is for scalp cleansing and stimulating. Leave in on while you mix the next mask. **At this point you will be thinking “Man, my hair smells amazing!” Just kidding. I’m kidding, it will smell terrible! Unless you love vinegar—then you will love it. But I promise the results are worth it!

For the hair mask, mix 4 tablespoons castor oil, 1 teaspoon honey, and 2 tablespoons pumpkin seed oil in a small bowl. Starting from ends, evenly coat your hair, working your way up. I should mention that sometimes I tend to think more is better (you know, more ice cream = better) but in this case, don’t overwhelm your hair with oil. Apply a thin even coating, but don’t douse your hair in oil. Apply it right up to where the apple cider mixture ends. **If your hair is thicker or longer, you might have to increase the ingredient amounts to cover all of your hair.

*Note: I use a color bowl and brush applicator, but if you don’t have those, use what you’ve got. A cereal bowl, tupperware, etc. If you don’t have a color brush, use an applicator bottle or just your hands. 

Once the two mixtures are applied, start getting the blood flowing. Flip your head upside down, gently rub your scalp. Massage your scalp and hair for a few minutes, then leave the mask on between 15-30 minutes. Wear your hair in a scrunchie top knotted, or wear a shower cap if the oily ends are bugging you. Because they bug me. 

At the end of your masking, shampoo and condition like normal. And bask in that fresh, clean, hydrated hair goodness! Let us know how the mask works for you! We’d love to hear your experience, comment below.


Amy Hutchens 

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