Holiday Hair Guide : December


We’ve officially made it to December! We can now “legally’ listen to holiday music, without all the judgmental looks— you know the look I’m talking about if you’ve ever blasted holiday music the day after Halloween… It also means the start of holiday cookie baking, gift shopping and the abundance of festive holiday parties! Holiday parties are frequent and happen all month long— they always seem to sneak up on me! So I find it best to always be prepared with a few killer outfits, a no-fail makeup routine, and a handful of fun hairstyles I can rely on. You know, we’re here to help you with your every hair need! And a good hairstyle can take you from “Everyday Basic” to “Party Chic” in NO TIME. K ladies, let’s get inspired, so you too, can be holiday party prepared.

1. Grown Up Hair Accessories: I’m always jumping aboard the accessory train for a holiday party. No really, the right hair accessory will totally elevate your look if done correctly! I’ve been known to completely forget about a big party commitment I made, only to last minute wing it by wearing a unique, ornate hair accessory in my lived-in messy hair — and end up fooling all those partygoers!! Because accessories are all about DETAILS. So if you can get the details of your look right, you can trick people into thinking you put way more effort into your look than you actually did (10 minutes).

Accessories are tricky because they were things that frequented our childhood hairstyles— so they can seem, yes, childish. But listen, grown up hair accessories are real and wonderful and hair game changers. For December, I love a glittery, or gem encrusted clip, beret or headband. When you couple the right accessory with a side braid or intricate fishtail, you’re completely winning the holiday party game.

2. The Party-Worthy Ponytail: Ponytails are often synonymous with gym attire, the “mom ‘do,” or a high school cheerleader (I can say that in all fairness because I WAS a high school cheerleader). While the ponytail is easy and low maintenance, it can also be the flirty, fun hairstyle you’re looking for! When done right, a ponytail is the PERFECT holiday hairstyle— and anything but basic.

Let me tell you, there’s nothing plain about a high-teased ponytail, full of textured curls, tousled waves and drapey curtain bangs— especially when worn with a party-worthy outfit. When rocking a style like this, keep things playful and a little “undone.” When things are teased up a bit, combed through and tousled, it yields an incredibly chic style.

Since this hairstyle is romantic, flirty and fun, I LOVE the idea of wearing it with a flirty, flouncy, ROMANTIC party dress! To try out this party-worthy ponytail, watch this tutorial!


3. Halo Braid: Ever wanted to be treated like the royalty that we ALL know you are? Wear a crown halo braid to your next holiday party! I can’t get over how glamorous a halo braid is! It’s elegant while also totally bohemian—and can be easily dressed up or dressed down. I love when this braid is a bit undone and loose, with a few pieces untucked. But I also love a more structured halo braid, with a red lip and a pair of glam earrings! *Note: try a red lip for your holiday parties, because it screams FESTIVE. 

A style like this can seem intimidating and not for braiding rookies— but I promise it’s easier than you think! Want to learn how to get this style? Watch the tutorial!



4. Braided Headband Updo: If you’re low on time this holiday season, the best thing you can do for your holiday hair repertoire, is to learn an easy, yet flattering updo. An updo can feel intimidating because they seem like things reserved for a high school prom or for celebrities at the Grammys. This is SO not the case. Because I’m going to let you in on a little secret, if your hair is needing a wash (but you lack the time/energy) an updo will mask dirty hair WAY better than wearing it down will. Also, an added bonus is that dirty hair will keep an updo in place better than clean hair will— it needs a little grit! So for you time-crunched gals, this style is all you!

A good updo is one that seems effortless and a bit undone. This style is fast, incredible easy and oh so STYLISH. All you need is some beginner braiding skills and a few bobby pins! A simple braid is fashioned into a headband. That braided headband is secured with bobby pins, then the hair is looped into an effortless updo— with a few pieces left out to make it a little less stuffy and a tad more edgy. Try out a messy updo like this with a more formal outfit. The juxtaposition of the formal with the edgy is a beautiful party combo!

Another great thing about a style like this is that you can make it as easy or complex as you like! Try out as many different braids as you like, or throw in a fishtail braid, too! You can layer the braids, creating a thicker headband. Watch the braided headband updo tutorial here!

5. Holiday Curls : I think the most quintessential holiday hair look, is a head full of big, bouncy curls! It’s also the most versatile! You can go with beachy waves, textured messy curls, movie-star ringlets— as structured or effortless as you like! What I love the most is that curls always feel special— and the holidays ARE special. It’s a match made in heaven. **Also, curls make doing the hair toss thing THAT much more fun!

My favorite holiday curls are the ones made by a 1.25 wand, alternating wrapped toward and away from the face. Make sure to use a good hairspray once your curls are achieved— so they stayed curled and party-ready all night long. If you want some more volume or you want them to look a little less tidy, use a dry texture spray (it’ll become your BFF)!

We hope your days are very merry and very bright! And maybe more importantly, we hope you hair is festive and always holiday-ready! (wink, wink). If you have any comments or questions, feel free to post them below!

Happy Holidays, Loves!


Amy Hutchens

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