Holiday Hair Guide: November


The holiday season is here! And we couldn’t be more excited about it. Because it means excessive amounts of amazing food, quality time with friends and family and parties filled with tradition. I know I’m especially excited for those extra doses of homemade pumpkin pie and ice cream— because calories don’t count on holidays, right?

Among all your holiday prep— you know, house cleaning, mastering the art of roll-baking, and the ever arduous task of figuring out the table settings— there may be one key thing you’ve forgotten: YOU. How are YOU, yourself prepping? A holiday party means seeing people you haven’t seen in ages. It can also mean lots of photo documentation (because you NEED to get the ‘gram, yeah)?! And these can be much easier if you’re feeling fresh, beautiful and confident. Which is where we come in. We’re going to blast you with hair inspiration for every time-budget (for those of you hosting), and every skill level (because you might be confident in braiding OR with a curling wand). Let’s get the inspiration flowing!

1. Easy Updo : Are you hosting? Are you also doing a bit of cooking? We say you should go for an easy updo! It wont take long to assemble and it will ALSO ensure that no stray hair will find its way into the mashed potatoes (if this has happened to you, then you know how bad it is). With a twisted back and a teased crown, this takes the “bun” to a WHOLE other level. The holiday party level. You can also boost a simple updo with a pair of bold statement earrings hanging down. Shop our earring wishlist below!

Find the hair tutorial HERE.

2. Braided Halo : Let’s say you have a bit more time on your hands, but you still want your hair up and off your neck —because you’ve spent quality time bent over a hot stove in preparation for the holiday feast. We’ve got you covered. A braided halo is incredibly fun and chic— and SO much easier than you’d think. After braiding and pinning, we love the look of loosening the braid up and even pulling out some front pieces— which give it an undone, not “trying to hard” look— yet it’s undeniably glamorous. We love this look paired with a holiday colored pout (berry colors or festive burnt oranges). Shop our favorite lip colors below!

Find the tutorial HERE.

3. Bubble Ponytail : There are things in life that I’ve found incredibly UNDERRATED. My list of underrated things include, a warm car on a rainy afternoon, cold sheets on a summer night and oddly enough, ponytails. Just because you wear them to the gym doesn’t mean they shouldn't be taken seriously. There are so many ways of dressing up a ponytail— tease the crown, add some braids into the tail, OR create a bubble ponytail (pictured here). Smooth your hair into a high ponytail and secure tightly. With a thin hairband, tie your hair again, a few inches below your ponytails top. Pull the bubble out, creating more volume. And voila! Easy.

**If you want, leave a small section out, then wrap it around the top, securing it with a bobby pin. The covered hair tie creates a more polished finish.

4. Hair Accessories : One of the easiest ways to elevate your look, is to add in hair accessories. Wearing your hair straight, waved, or curled can seem basic for a party. But any style can immediately be boosted by a unique clip, bow or headband (especially if it’s sparkly, velvet or gold—that screams HOLIDAY). We love the idea of a detailed metallic headband, or even tying a scarf around your head as a pseudo headband. Holiday hair demands a party element to it—adult hair accessories gives it that party vibe, we promise! There are so many options! Check out our current picks.

5. Half-Up Side Braid : Are you confident in braiding? Are you a braiding beginner? Either way, this style can work for you, because it’s easy! Two pieces of hair, on either side of your face, can be braided and secured, to create a cute “half-up” option. If you ran out of time to wash your hair, braiding your hair and wearing it half up is one of the BEST ways of camouflaging that day 3 (4,5, even 6!) hair. Especially if you use a killer dry shampoo first! Try out this braided half up— it’s sure to impress!

6. Bouncy Curls : Is there anything more glamorous than big bouncy curls and a deep side part? No way. The answer is NO WAY. It’s the most glamorous. And why not show up to your holiday party feeling fancy? Create these bouncy curls by first blowdrying some volume into your locks, then parting your hair right at your eyebrow’s arch. Curl the side the tucks in behind your hair AWAY from your face, while curling the other side toward your face. Use a strong hairspray, then brush out your locks with a boar bristle brush. This megawatt hairstyle will have you feeling party ready and confident!

**Use one of our favorite curling wands to create this look.

We hope the start of your holiday season will be full of parties, laughter, love and AMAZING holiday hair. We also hope you’re now feeling Hair Inspired! Happy Thanksgiving, ladies!



Article by Amy Hutchens

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