How to Cut Extensions for Volume


We know that many of us use extensions to make our hair look longer, but not everyone uses their extensions to add length. Others use their extensions to add volume and to make their hair appear thicker. We love how girls can use extensions to make their hair look fuller, it is honestly one of our favorite styles, but it can be a little tricky to accomplish. In order to use extensions to add fullness to your hair, but not length, you have to trim the extensions. 

Trimming your extensions can be really tricky and in order to not damage or completely ruin your extensions, we recommend going to a hair stylist. It is important to note that not all stylists are skilled or knowledgable about cutting extensions. So, we spoke with Ashley Petty and Amber Fillerup, our hair guide gurus, to create a guide of the most important steps to follow when cutting extensions. Study the steps  so that you can discuss it with your hairstylist to determine if you should commit to the cut. 


Here are the steps you should follow when preparing to cut your extensions: 

In order to cut extensions for volume not length, cut extensions with a straight razor rather than sheers. 

Clip your extensions in as you plan to wear them daily. You want the extensions to be trimmed in a way that will be suitable for your daily hairstyle. 

Create a color key to keep track of which weft is which after you cut them. Mark the extensions with colored string to know which side each weft should lay on the head. Select 6 different colored strings and make notes as to which colored string belongs to which weft. Wrap the string around the extensions. 

Example Key: 

Red String - 1 Inch Clip Weft Left 

Yellow String - 1 Inch Clip Weft Right 

Green String - Left Two Clip Wefts 

Pink - Right Two Clip Wefts

White - Both 3 Clip Wefts 

Blue - Both 4 Clip Wefts 

If you have short layers in front, taper the extensions to help them blend. 

Take the extensions out to check if they are even. 

Save this graphic to your phone so you can remember the steps you need to discuss with your hair stylist. Have more questions? Comment on this post or reach out to us on Instagram. 

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