Monthly Favorites : January


January is already over? Time flies by when you are having fun and 2018 has been full of fun memories and moments so far, and we can't wait to see what else is in store in February. Before we say goodbye to January, it is time to talk about our favorite hair products and accessories of the month. 


Kevin Murphy Angel Masque - It literally makes your hair so soft and instantly the moment you put it on you hair feels so silky. It is definitely one of my favorite hair products I have come across lately. 

- Amber Fillerup, Founder & CEO


Davines NouNou Shampoo - I first discovered the Davines hair product line maybe six or seven years ago from a stylist friend— the brand was relatively new and undiscovered then (at least in my circle). It’s a family-owned Italian line that’s been picking up a lot of speed lately. Their Nounou shampoo is a godsend for winter hair that feels dry and scraggly. This is especially true if you’ve bleached your hair at all during the summer months. This is the best shampoo I know of that GETS WORK DONE. Brittle ends turn soft and smooth with this stuff. It’s the real deal. 

- Amy Hutchens, Blog Contributor 

Moroccanoil Treatment - I have loved the Moroccanoil treatment for a couple years now! We have posted about it before, in our hair washing blog post but I think it is amazing! I always add some when my hair is damp after washing and sometimes after styling to add shine. It also helps my hair dry faster, and helps to protect my natural hair when styling. I love working it through the ends of my extensions too.

- Maddie Gregrich, Customer Service 

Klorane Mask with Mango Butter - I love this mask soooo much. I recently started using Klorane's mango butter shampoo and conditioner and I really loved them, so I decided to try out the mask. It is super hydrating and it smells so good. I have also noticed that the scent really lasts in your hair, which I love! 

- Amy Aguirre, Digital Content 

Madewell Cuffed Cozy-Knit Beanie - I love this beanie! The fit is great, because I don't have to constantly adjust it all day. Plus I don't have to do my hair so...... bonus! 

- Laura Denhalter, Director of Content

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