Sweat Your Way to Better Hair


Have you ever been on a gym date? Like, an actual date to the gym, with your significant other? Because racing it out on the treadmill is bonding, right? No? Is this date scenario only applicable to me? Well, before my “other” was “significant,” I remember going on gym dates with guys I was (annoyingly) trying to impress. And I was SO petrified of the dreaded sweaty, post-workout red face. You know that healthy flush that resembles a ripe strawberry? I naively thought that the sweaty, red look was cringeworthy, so I’d excuse myself to the locker room until it had calmed down. Totally lame, sis, I know. But here’s the thing I’ve learned since about working out, sweating and getting flushed skin— it’s really good for your overall health, and also the health of your skin and even your hair. So don’t let a red face trip you up!

Red, pink, or flushed skin is the sign of blood flow. And do you know what blood carries? Oxygen. So as you workout, fresh, oxygen-rich blood flows to your skin and scalp— delivering vitamins and nutrients. Another benefit of getting your heart rate up, is that you’ll sweat out toxins and waste, which will clear out your hair’s follicles, enabling fresh hair growth. Flushed skin is just another step in the beautiful-hair-direction.

Also, it should be mentioned that a huge trigger of hair loss is stress. A body in stress mode produces high amounts of cortisone, which affects how well your hair is growing. In particularly stressful times of my life, I’ve shed hair on a very disturbing level (think handfuls). And my thinning hair only creates more stress. On the reverse, exercise increases your dopamine and serotonin levels, which are also called “happy hormones.” As we exercise, and increase those happy hormones, our stress hormones (i.e. cortisol) decrease. Not only will your overall mood be better, after a workout, but it will aid in the health of your hair.

So my recommendation, is get in 30 minute workout, five times a week! At least. Because 30 minutes is totally doable, ladies!

My favorite “hair” workouts are ones that majorly increase blood flow— think cardio! Try dancing/Zumba, cycling (like a spin class!), jogging, sprint training, or even a brisk walk. Go for a workout that WILL get your face a little flushed-looking. I also love workouts that incorporate lots of inverted stretching and deep breathing, like yoga! There are so many yoga positions that put your head below the rest of your body, which allows blood to flow straight to your face and scalp.

Whatever workout you choose to do, just remember to have fun! Let those happy hormones, toxin release, and oxygen-rich blood do their jobs! Not only will exercise help your overall health, attitude and wellness— it can also be used as a beauty tool! So let’s use it to our advantage.


Amy Hutchens 

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