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    Our History

    Barefoot Blonde Hair officially began in 2016 by Amber and David Clark, but in reality the story of Barefoot Blonde Hair extensions started long before that!

    Co-owner Amber Fillerup Clark of Barefoot Blonde Hair has loved creating hairstyles as long as she can remember. As a shy and quiet young girl, Amber used her hair to express her personality and creativity. Amber remembers, “I’ve always loved makeup and fun hairstyles! I was always getting compliments on my hair since I was in the first grade. My mom would do really cool styles in my hair and then when I got a bit older I started doing my own.” Although Amber loved creating and experimenting with new hairstyles, her naturally fine hair made it difficult to try certain styles and when she was fifteen she purchased her first set of hair extensions. Amber says, “I feel like hair extensions changed my life, as cheesy as that sounds! I could use my creativity to try new things with my hair and feel confident.” Amber’s love of fun hairstyles set off a lifelong passion for helping others to experience creativity and confidence as well! She began posting hair tutorials and how-to’s on her personal blog

    In 2013, while Amber was pregnant with her son, Atticus, Amber and David made a huge decision, “David and I both knew we wanted to do hair extensions one day because it was something I was so passionate about. One day we were eating on the pier in Laguna Beach and we looked at each other and said, ‘Why don't we just do it? We can start our own line.”

    What began as an idea in 2013 in Laguna Beach wouldn’t come to fruition for another three years. The path to creating Barefoot Blonde Hair extensions took lots of time and planning: “We tested so much hair to make sure we were using the best. We would swim with them, curl them, wash them, brush them, everything.” If David and Amber didn’t like what they tested, they would start from square one.

    After finally finding the best hair extension product, Amber and David began Barefoot Blonde Hair. They are passionate about the quality of product, educating the customer, creating helpful how-to’s and tutorials and most importantly helping others to feel creative and confident.

    Meet Amber

    Amber was born in Mesa, Arizona. She’s an Arizona girl at heart and loves sunny days, swimming and the smell of orange blossoms! In 2012 Amber met her husband, David Clark, at the gym and they’ve been happily together ever since! They have two adorable children, Atticus (3) and Rosie (2), and an adorable Golden Retriever named Chauncey (5). Amber loves spending time outdoors with her family and adventuring and traveling together. The Clarks have lived in Utah, Alabama, New York City, Hawaii and now reside in Gilbert, AZ. 

    Amber loves being able to express her personality and creativity through hairstyles and is passionate about helping others to do the same!

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